Craig Fry

Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia. I write about cycling history and culture, and drugs and health in society and sport.



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SBS Cycling Central

Tim Decker on the new look to the historic 'Warrny'

Tim Decker is well known to Australian cycling fans as the current Men's National Track Endurance Coach at Cycling Australia - a role in which he has enjoyed considerable...

SBS Cycling Central

Chris Froome is riding the Tour and the sky is not falling. Or is it?

"Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling and I am going to the lion to tell him about it." "How do you know it?" asks Henny Penny. "It hit me on the head, so I know it must be so,"...

SBS Cycling Central

On Chris Froome: It's not about the drugs

What I'm more concerned about in this whole Froome saga is the weak culture of cycling on display. The Froome story isn't really about drugs and doping behaviour. Instead, it's...


Amazon Kindle (Hampress)

Ride: A Memoir To My Father

Lindsay Fry died at home alone from a pulmonary embolism, just a few weeks after a diagnosis of cancer in his lung and spine. He was two weeks short of his 70th birthday....

Sport in Victoria: A History


Victoria has always led the way in Australian cycling. A number of Australia's cycling firsts took place in 19th century Victoria, not long after the first velocipedes ('bone...

Sport in Victoria: A History

Herald Sun Tour Cycling Race

The 62nd Herald Sun Tour was held in February 2015. Originated in 1952 by The Sun News-Pictorial and the League of Victorian Wheelmen, it is Australia's oldest road cycling...

Doping and Drugs in Sport

Bring truth into play by saying yes to drugs in sport

This book examines anti-doping regulation in Australia and globally, and presents a range of opinions on the ethics of drugs in sport. Elite sports people are always seeking a...

A year in the life of Australia

Unofficial rules of the Tour de France matter most

A Year in the Life of Australia tells the story of politics,sciences and the arts in contemporary Australia from some of the country’s sharpest academic minds. It is a...



Book review: 'Overlander' by Rupert Guinness

Cycling fans around the world (and particularly in Australia) will be familiar with Rupert Guinness, a veteran sports journalist who's as famous for his Hawaiian shirts as he is...

The Conversation

Wheel Life - Cycling Recollections of the 1950s and 1960s (by Ben Schofield)

Australian cycling seems in great shape these days, with good crowd numbers at the elite races and championship events, and a new media broadcast deal by Cycling Australia set...

Bulletin of Sport and Culture

Major Taylor in Australia (by Jim Fitzpatrick)

The Major Taylor story is such a fascinating chapter in the history of competitive cycling, and this account of Taylor’s time in this country is an important part of Australian...


Wheeling Matilda: The story of Australian cycling (by Jim Fitzpatrick)

Jim Fitzpatrick is widely regarded as one of Australia's foremost cycling historians and now the US-born writer has revealed his latest book, Wheeling Matilda: The Story of...



Australia's first Giro rider, Garry Clively.

As the @100th_giroditalia approaches lets remember Australia’s first Giro rider, Garry Clively. He went to Italy as an 18-year-old amateur with 17-year-old David Allan – another...


The first Australian Paris-Roubaix riders in 1914

Paris-Roubaix 1914: Somewhere in there are the first Australian riders in that race - Queen of the classics. It was a group including Ivor “Snowy” Munro, Don Kirkham, Charlie...


Sir Hubert Opperman would have rated the Indipac highly

Australia's greatest ultra-endurance cyclist, Sir Hubert Opperman, would have rated the Indipac highly. His 1977 autobiography tells how he was inspired as a boy by Francis...

The Bike Show (Podcast)

The Indian Pacific Wheel Race: Overlanders of the 21st Century

The Indian Pacific Wheel Race is a gruelling 5,500 km coast-to-coast bicycle race across Australia. The race features the two leading long distance bike racers in the world as...